I don’t like inheritance in Java and now I know how to explain why

June 19th, 2009

I tend to dislike very very much class inheritance in Java. However, until today, it was not easy to explain why.

I’ve always said that beginners do a lot of duplication when they code, medium programmers solve this problem using class inheritance, good programmers find every possible way to abstract even more and get rid of class inheritance, sometimes even for the price of a small duplication (due mainly to java limitations).

If you search keyword extends in your code base, how many times doest it appear compared to keyword class? Read more…

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Maven2 detractors are right

May 3rd, 2009

There is a crisis going on within the Maven community. Some think that Maven has become something too complicated, too difficult to maintain and evolve. I say it loud (even if few people care): I fully support these detractors. Read more…


Kata cron

May 3rd, 2009

I’m currently in search for new ideas of programming katas for the coding dojo.

A small feature really impressed me in Google App Engine: the new cron feature uses plain english to define the frequency of cron jobs. Have you ever add to decode standard crontab syntax?

"0 0 12 * * ?" means "Fire at 12pm (noon) every day".
"0 15 10 ? * 6L" means "Fire at 10:15am on the last Friday of every month"

Which syntax do you prefer?

So here are two dojo ideas that I will try to develop using Ioke:

  • Easiest: translate “* * * * *” syntax to plain english
  • Harder: translate plain english to cron syntax

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