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Mockito’s partial mocks. Testing real objects just got easier

June 21st, 2009

In this article (in french), I wrote 6 months ago, I was searching for a mockito-like syntax to stub only one method of an object instance under test. Mockito brought it in it’s latest version. Read more…

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I don’t like inheritance in Java and now I know how to explain why

June 19th, 2009

I tend to dislike very very much class inheritance in Java. However, until today, it was not easy to explain why.

I’ve always said that beginners do a lot of duplication when they code, medium programmers solve this problem using class inheritance, good programmers find every possible way to abstract even more and get rid of class inheritance, sometimes even for the price of a small duplication (due mainly to java limitations).

If you search keyword extends in your code base, how many times doest it appear compared to keyword class? Read more…

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Java libraries and frameworks supported by Google App Engine

April 12th, 2009

I’ve just posted a Google Spreadsheet to list java frameworks and libraries supported by Google App Engine :


Feel free to update and share.

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