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Wish list for IPhone OS 3.0

March 17th, 2009

Today, Apple will announce version 3 of iPhone OS. Here is my personal wish list:

  • Horizontal keyboard for Mail and Sms
  • Preference to lock the homescreen icons so that my 2 years old son doesn’t move/delete the icons. (BTW, an android-like unlock mecanism would keep him out of the homescreen)
  • Native Gmail application with search capabilities and push
  • Turn-by-turn GPS would be great
  • More transparent access to wifi would really be a revolution. Maybe the ball is on Orange’s side, not on Apple’s. (wonder if I could make money with a company called Banana ;-) )

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Apple addict?

January 15th, 2008

I used to say OSX was wonderful.

Then I told everybody how much I love my MacBook.

I have to say I can’t live without my iPhone.

And now, I can’t wait for a MacBook Air.

I hope people don’t think I became just another Apple addict…

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